Critical PPE infrastructure
procurement, distribution
and logistics platform

powered by

Maximum Match™


Control your products every step in the Supply Chain Cycle in real time with Betterfit's revolutionary Maximum Match™ Technology.

Reduce shipping times and costs by as much as 80%


We’re not joking. Betterfit selects the closest supply match in respect of priorities, turning an average of five trips into just one.

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Aie Liquide

Supported in part by advisory services and research and development funding from the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP).


Complex connections,
Big opportunities.

Betterfit's matches get better as challenges get bigger, and it's no accident: they're all connected. It's only when we solve all of these problems together that we could solve any one of them.


is the
only way to do just that.

The next industrial revolution is not in production, but in organization.

The supply chain revolution has already started with Betterfit's Maximum Match™ Technology.

Technology meets functionality with simplistic yet powerful end user design.

No more complicated catalogues. Anything you need at the touch of a button. With Frontline Ordering, your data is not just a guess. Know your priorities, always up to date, and get your people what they need, where they need it most.

Seamless procurement and distribution of critical PPE infrastructure in real time as demands on the front line change, all at the tip of your finger...

Realtime Data Connectivity

combines all of your frontline needs with indicators of changing conditions

Maximum Match™

is always adjusting to match your highest priorities

Linked together for powerful results...

Real time data allows for the determination of high priority geographic locations where increased critical PPE demand needs to be met.

Automatically reroute your critical PPE infrastructure when demands decrease in one location, to Hot Spots or stockpile locations.

Right now, you pay for your products to sit.

Doesn't there have to be a better fit? With Betterfit's virtual inventory, automatic prioritization and Maximum Match™ Technology, get your product where it needs to be and off the shelves. Do more with what you already have, with a better fit.


Get better,
not worse.

Betterfit works better in emergencies because it works the opposite of anything else. As the complexity of PPE demand grows, the higher the yield in positive outcomes in the procurement, distribution and logistic process. Don’t let crisis mode set you back. The more requests, the more complexity, the more demand you get: Betterfit’s matches improve even more. We do better under pressure.

Betterfit's Maximum Match™ algorithmic technology, filed for patent in 153 countries, fuels the engine that powers this revolutionary platform.

Made in Canada solutions for Canadians​

Launching Now.

PPE is just the beginning. What could you do with a better fit across all medical supplies, healthcare service deliverables, or even your scheduling? A new way of thinking about infrastructure: the last platform you'll ever need for complex solutions.